Home window tinting saves on your energy bill and provides privacy without blocking out the world.

There are two things we look for in a home: comfort, and safety. Not only does residential or home window tinting improve the year-round climate of your home. It also protects your furniture, strengthens your glass and keeps prying eyes out of your private space and reduces bothersome glare in your home.

Parramatta Hills Window Tinting uses only leading window tinting brands with modern technology that not only improve the value and comfort of your home, but can do it with flair and style! It all starts with your free consultation with one of our expert team.

Stop the sun from heating your home and SAVE on your power bill

In our hot Australian summers, those fortunate enough to have air conditioning often resort to running it for days. Then pay the price for it down the track. Home window tinting is a far more energy efficient way to reduce the amount of heat entering your home in the first place.

Our window tint technology can reduce the amount of solar energy entering your home by up to 78%. This maintains a cooler and more balanced temperature throughout your home. It also reduces the need to run your air conditioner, saving you big dollars on your energy bill.

Protect your furnishings and floors from UV damage

Those beautiful rays filtering into your home aren’t all sunshine and roses! Every day, UV rays are causing damage to your furniture and your floors, which add up to big repair and replacement costs. By asking the Parramatta Hills Window Tinting experts to install the right home window tinting Sydney residents can protect their expensive floorboards, curtains, couches and rugs. And of course, home window tinting will protect your family’s skin from damaging radiation and UV rays as well.

Improve the integrity of your glass to keep your family safe

Residential window tinting is another way to protect your household from harm. Glass broken by storms or accident is less likely to shatter when covered in a tint film, and makes break-ins that little bit tougher.

Keep out prying eyes

Don’t live in the dark just because you have windows that open out to public spaces, the neighbour’s yard or ogling passers-by. Installing the right choice of home window tinting means you have all the luxury of seeing the world, without the world seeing you!

Choose a design that suits you and your home

Our experienced team can help you choose the right tint for your home from our range of tint strengths, types and even contemporary designs to give your home a unique wow factor.

All of Parramatta Hills Window Tinting’s residential window tinting installations come with:

  • Free consultations, so our expert team can help you find the right home window tinting solution
  • Guarantee that our window films won’t bubble, peel or discolour
  • A lifetime warranty for labour and materials
  • Friendly, fast service across the greater Sydney region

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