Why should you apply it?

Window tinting is the premium solution for privacy, heat regulation, and protection from harmful UV rays.

Modern window tinting technology provides an incredible array of solutions for today’s home and business owners. The rising costs of electricity and the need for privacy have grown. Shutting the curtains all day and living in darkness isn’t an ideal solution!

Instead, applying quality tint to your windows instantly reduces the heat transfer through the glass by up to 80%. This significantly helps to regulate the indoor temperature. That can equal substantial long-term energy savings.

Tinting windows also reduces damaging UV rays, by up to an incredible 99%. These rays responsible for fading and damage to your furnishings, floors, artworks and books, as well as being harmful to our skin.

As experts in window tinting since 2000, we are able to offer a range of custom options and solutions to every customer:

Residential Window Tinting

If you need advice on keeping your natural sunlight and outdoor views without dealing with rising temperatures and prying eyes, we can help. Tinting the windows in your home is an investment into long-term savings on your energy bill, and a far better solution than closed curtains!

Commercial Window Tinting

Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting provides expert advice and service on tinting commercial windows. From small offices to high rises, and storefronts to shopping centres, we have the experience to design a custom window tint solution that provides privacy, security, temperature control that targets problem areas, and results in cost savings and a comfortable and inviting working environment.