Protect your family from the Aussie sun with solar film

When applied to untreated glass, solar film acts like sunscreen, protecting those inside your home or office from the powerful Australian sunshine. The blocking effect of solar glass film helps to reduce your energy costs. While also making the building more comfortable for those living and working in it.

By reducing the amount of heat from the sun which enters the building by up to 80%. Solar tinting film can actually put money back into your pocket by reducing your air-conditioning and cooling costs. In winter, solar tinting film helps prevent heat loss through windows by reflecting it back indoors, and can reduce the amount of heat lost by up to 35%.

Our solar glass film is a high-performance product based on the latest developments in technology and innovation.

Unlike past products, solar glass film doesn’t need to be dark or highly reflective to effectively block solar heat. It’s now possible to protect your home or business from the damaging effects of the sun. Solar film no longer compromises on aesthetics, comfort or style. At Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting, our solar glass film is available in clear or tinted varieties, to suit any home or office.

Solar film does more than just temperature control. It reduces glare by up to 94%. This means you can forget about constantly adjusting blinds and curtains, squinting when you look outside due to the glare, or shifting your computer screen.

The benefits of solar film include:

Solar glass film for the workplace

Keep your employees comfortable and reduce your energy costs by installing clear or tinted solar film at your workplace.

Solar film for the home

Installing solar film on the windows in your home is like applying sunscreen to the building. By blocking up to 99% of harmful UV rays. Without obstructing your view, solar glass film protects your family from sun damage that occurs even while indoors.

Prolong the life of your interiors

Solar film also protects the furniture, fabrics, artwork and books in your home from fading and deterioration due to UV exposure.

Spoilt for choice

Our solar glass film is available in a range of tints, from clear to dark, as well as reflective shades to enhance your privacy. One of our expert consultants can help you choose which solar glass film is right for your property.

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