Protect your home or business with safety glass film

When a window shatters, whether it’s an accident, an act of vandalism or a natural disaster, it can result flying glass. Flying Glass can cause more damage than the original incident. Installing high-quality safety glass film, you can prevent injuries and deaths caused by dangerous flying shards.

Safety glass film is ideal for use in corporate buildings, retail stores, restaurants, hotels and homes. It provides an extra layer of protection should disaster strike. Families can also take comfort in knowing their children are safe should an accident occur.

Safety film also provides protection from the sun, by reducing solar heat gain. Helping to regulate internal temperatures. Safety glass film combines the benefits of both security and solar film in one.

At Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting, our safety glass film provides a number of benefits:

Protection against injury and death

Our safety film acts like an invisible shield, holding the shards of glass intact should a pane break. Safety glass film can be installed on the interior of new or existing glass, and is composed of layers of polyester film, bonded with a special adhesive. It reduces the risk of injuries or deaths related to flying glass, in the event of breakage.

Protection against the elements

As extreme weather events increase, we all want to protect our family or business from violent storm damage. Safety glass film provides an extra, invisible layer of protection to your home or business, preventing shards of glass, debris, wind and water from entering your premises.

  • Protection against crime
    Security film can deter would-be thieves and intruders from gaining access to your property. The security film holds shattered glass in place, so thieves are unable to gain quick entry through the window.
  • Protection against graffiti
    Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting apply a specially formulated anti-graffiti film to your windows, preventing vandals from defacing your property. The anti-graffiti film we use is easily stripped off and replaced, meaning you won’t need to replace the expensive glass if it is vandalised.

Our security film is also easy to care for, and won’t affect the aesthetics of your premises:

  • Safety and security in style
    There’s no need to sacrifice the appearance of your property to have the benefits of security film in order to have the benefits of safety film. Our safety glass film provides brilliant optical clarity, and it won’t yellow or become cloudy over time. You can be reassured that your property is protected by safety glass film, without compromising on aesthetics.
  • Scratch-resistant and easy to clean
    The security film we use has a scratch-resistant coating, and can be easily cleaned using conventional washing methods.

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