Prevent prying eyes seeing inside with privacy glass film

Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting offer a comprehensive range of window frosting Sydney residents can choose from. Offering varieties to suit every style and décor for your home or workplace. Our range of privacy glass film incorporates the latest technology to prevent prying eyes seeing inside.

Privacy film is a proven and effective security measure. Intruders are less likely to attempt to gain entry to your premises if they cannot see inside. Windows fitted with privacy glass film are less likely to shatter in the event of a break-in or accident. Protecting those inside from potential injury caused by flying glass.

At Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting, we have dozens of options in our range of privacy glass film for you to choose from.

Obscure vision from both sides of the glass

For ultimate privacy and security, we can provide privacy films that prevent people from seeing in or out. They come in a range of styles and designs.

Choose from opaque privacy glass film with sand blast design, frosted window film, or even embossed patterns, stripes or checks.

Obscure vision from one side, or only during daylight hours

Alternatively, if you only wish to prevent inward vision during daylight hours. We also have mirrored and smoked films available. These films also come in a range of colours and shades, to suit any home or office.

Solar Window Film also makes a viable option for those seeking privacy glass film. This has the added bonus of reflecting both UV and infrared rays, to reduce your cooling costs.

Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting experts can quickly and easily help you choose a privacy film that suits your needs.

Contact us on 0419 249 865 or email today to book your free, no-obligation consultation.

Our friendly consultants are experts in privacy glass film and can even provide samples, to help you decide which best suits your home or business.