With modern window film, the sky is the limit

There is so much choice when it comes to window film and what it can do for you. From privacy to decoration, and temperature control to thwarting vandalism attempts. There is a window film that can be tailored to do the right job, every time.

With nearly 20 years in the industry, and as one of Sydney’s preferred window tint installers. Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting are experienced in supplying our customers with every type of film and finish they need. This includes custom designed films for a truly unique and impressive finish.

Many types of film can serve multiple purposes, which is where our free consultation services come in handy. We can assess your environment and work out the best solution for you. Our range of high-quality window tinting options, including:

Privacy Glass Film

As the name implies, privacy glass film is all about keeping prying eyes out, without blocking your view to the outside world. We can create panes that obscure the view from both or just one side, depending on what you require.

Solar Film

Solar film acts as a protectant for your home. Available in a range of tints, colours and styles – including neutral, which is virtually undetectable from untreated glass – solar film actively obstructs the heat from the sun without compromising on natural light.

Safety Glass Film

Shattering glass can have a more damaging effect than the accident of natural disaster than caused the glass to break. Installing safety glass film onto your windows improves its shatter-resistance, making your home or office a safer place to be.

Anti Graffiti Film

Rather than replacing entire panes of glass when a vandal strikes, you can simply replace an anti vandalism film that bears the brunt of the attack and leaves the glass itself unaffected. Our anti vandalism film can be adhered to surfaces other than glass and blocks the harmful effects of the sun.