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Home or office, internal or external, window tinting is simply the easiest and most effective way to block the harmful effects of the sun without compromising on that beautiful natural sunlight. Applying the right tint helps to moderate temperature, and provide privacy and security for you, your family, or your employees.

Applying tint to glass has many benefits:

  • Reduce the internal temperature
  • Reduce damage to furniture and floorings from harmful UV rays
  • Provide privacy while still giving full view from inside
  • Improve the strength and safety of your glass, and protect your windows from vandalism
  • Make a design statement with decorative window tinting, frosted window tints and custom logos and designs

Residential window tinting Windsor

Your home should be comfortable to live in. It shouldn’t cost you the earth to keep it that way! Home window tinting reduces the heat from the sun’s rays that enter through your windows by up to 80%. Helping to maintain a cooler temperature and a more comfortable home to live in.

Some zones of your home – for example, rooms that are subjected to sun all day, or that neighbours have a front-row view into – may require different tint treatments. At our free consultation, we can assess your home environment and provide a custom solution to meet your home’s needs.

For the best service, professional advice and a flawless finished product, talk to the window tinting Windsor experts. We have been delivering first-class window tinting solutions to Windor’s homeowners since 2000. Our commitment to quality is second to none.

Office & Commercial window tinting Windsor

If you’re a business owner, architect, interior designer or manager, we can help you to optimise your working environment or project to ensure it’s as cost-effective, secure and visually appealing as possible.

Office window tinting helps to regulate the internal temperature by reducing solar energy transmission. This reduces the load on your air conditioning system and saves money on your energy bill. Our safety window tints increase the strength and shatter resistance of your glass, and hide expensive equipment from prying eyes.

Not only that, but modern decorative window tinting is aesthetically stunning and fully customisable, so you can give your business a truly unique and professional look.

Our consultations are free, and our service is first-class

Serving the greater Sydney region since 2000, Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting are the only experts to use for window tinting in window tinting Windsor. We’re ready to provide our first-class, friendly service to your home or business today.

For professional window tinting Windsor window tinting, call us on 0419 249 865 to book a free onsite consultation.