Create a piece of art out of any glass!

Decorative window film is the perfect solution for creative, unique decor with the full function of privacy or protective window tint.

With decorative window tints, you can achieve a frosted glass look without sandblasting. The tint can also be removed when needed. This makes updating the décor, logo or design a simple and cost-effective process, and excellent for rental properties.

Installing decorative window film on your windows is an easy and economical option. It allows in natural light while still maintaining privacy.

Our Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting team are experts at designing and creating beautiful decorative window films that add incredible wow factor to your home or office environment. We have a broad range of styles, designs, colours and textures that you can achieve a high-end, contemporary look for a fraction of the price.

Custom designs, logos and graphics

We specialise in creating stunning, custom-designed decorative window film. The only limit is your imagination. Decorative window tint film can be adhered to any internal or external glass pane. Instantly enhancing homes, offices, corporate and retail properties.

At Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting, our expert staff can transfer any image onto glass. This includes photographs, logos, graphics, and advertisements, using our state of the art film-to-glass technology.

Decorative window film is perfect for:

  • Offices
  • Glass partitions
  • Retail displays
  • Walkways
  • Restaurants
  • Any home style and decor

Another exciting element to decorative window film is the ability to feature images on one side of the glass and not the other. This is useful for office reception areas, storefronts, restaurants and privacy screening, and gives you a wide variety of professional finishes to give your environment a sleek and modern look.

We are also able to provide custom-designed etched glasswork and frosted glass.

We can show you how decorative window tinting can enhance your home or office environment, and the incredible options available for you to choose from.

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