Commercial or Office window tinting is an investment into your business. Window Tinting has cooling ability saves money year-round. While its contemporary aesthetic supercharges the appeal of your business space.

Whether you’re a business owner with an office, storefront or warehouse, or you run an establishment such as a school, hotel or major commercial facility, Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting can provide a custom office window tinting solution for you.

Your aim might be:

  • Lowering the internal temperature by reducing solar heat transfer
  • Targeting ‘problem zones’ where air conditioners struggle to reach, or sunlight is extreme
  • Reducing glare and UV damage to equipment and furniture
  • Boosting the look of your building or enhancing privacy with decorative window film, frosted glass, or even custom logo designs
  • Increasing security and safety

Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting installs only premium window tint brands that offer the highest in durability, performance and visual appeal. And put simply, there is no limit to what we can apply to glass, or what tinting can do for your business!

Save money on air conditioning costs all year

Office window tinting provides an amazing return on investment. Office buildings – particularly high rises, hotels and school buildings – have vast expanses of glass to provide light and a view. That also means solar energy is heating up every room, every day!

Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting can easily install a quality and tailored office window tint that can reduce heat transfer through windows by up to 80%. In our experience, we’ve seen temperatures reduced by up to 10 degrees after office window tinting is installed! This has a massive impact on your energy bill, giving you a brilliant long-term return on investment.

Improving employee comfort

In addition, there is much to be said about the link between employee comfort and productivity. Employees who are hot, subjected to glare on screens and distracted by high-running HVAC noise simply won’t be as efficient as cool, comfortable, content workers!

Sun glare can be a major issue in some work spaces. Office window tinting reduces glare on screens, conference rooms and employee work spaces by up to 94%.

Enhance safety, security and privacy

When you have expensive equipment, close neighbours or need a little extra confidentiality in your building, tinting your windows for privacy is a must. Office window tinting for privacy doesn’t mean shutting out the world though; our low reflective films still provide views to outside even at night. Frosted window film can be applied to internal doors or partitions to provide privacy with a modern aesthetic.

Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting’s safety and security film improves the strength of the glass and reduce shattering from breakages and vandalism. We also recommend our anti graffiti film, which protects your glass or plexiglass from scratching, paint or defacing. When vandals strike, the anti-graffiti film bears the brunt of the attack and can be easily replaced with new film.

Boost the contemporary look of your business

Decorative window film adds colour and texture, signature designs and logos, to add shine and distinction to your business. Office window tinting hides internal features such as curtains and equipment to give your building a uniform, professional appearance.

Protect your assets and reduce replacement costs

UV rays from the sun damage furnishings and flooring every day, eventually causing fading and deterioration. Not only does that hurt your wallet when it comes to replacing them, but it gives a poor impression to customers. Office window tinting reduces UV ray damage by up to 99%, which protects your assets and provides protection for employees too.

Parramatta & Hills Window Tinting have been office window tinting specialists since 2000. We can provide tint solutions for aesthetics, temperature control, privacy and safety across all commercial, retail and office buildings, large and small.

Offering free onsite consultations for office window tinting, as well as a guarantee that our service is of the highest standard. We use only high quality window films that won’t bubble or peel, backed by a lifetime warranty on labour and materials.

More than 60% of our clients are either happy repeat customers or new clients referred to us by others. That’s a testament to the quality of our products and installations, and our quality customer care.

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